The tank can rotate anticlockwise (and with some changes in the hardware set-up also in the clockwise direction) with periods that range from 900 to 3 seconds: the rotation speed (along with the acceleration and deceleration) is digitally controlled through a special pc software although it is possible to manual control the rotation.

It can be filled up with any suitable fluid, and without rotation, till 65 cm.

In the vertical sidewall, cameras can look at the vertical laser sheet with the correct angle through several small windows (each one is about 14 cm wide).

With this configuration is possible to set up both a frontal camera displacement and a 2d-3d stereo one.

On the outer side of the tank there is an annulus of about 50 cm in which the instrumentation for experiments can be deployed.

In the floor, three glass channels, "y shaped", are deployed; they can be used to create vertical laser sheets right in the measurement place in order to obtain the maximum light intensity.

A small metallic bridge, on which it is possible to fix instruments and probes to reach the inner part of the tank, crosses the facility along a diameter.